>writernet and more bicycles

>The writernet journal arrived today (are you a member? I think you should be). There are articles on funding issues, The Miniaturists, Tickle Theatre’s unique fund raising methodology, The Verity Bargate Award, the Arvon Foundation and a page on playwriting blogs. And this blog is one of several included. Which is both flattering and worrying. There is no quality control here, there is no manifesto – I’m not sure what the blog is for or even whether it will continue. I’m not that interested in consistency of content or tone in the blog – it’s just stuff. I do wish the writing was better and funnier, the thoughts more relevant and profound and the politics more sophisticated and engaged, but it’s not. The effort needed to achieve all of that needs to be expended elsewhere (playwriting, teaching, DIY). If you’re new here, I hope you enjoy it as it is.

Yesterday was spent waiting for trains, eating baguettes and teaching. Today I’m going to read the latest draft of the radio play and transform it into a masterpiece. Maybe.

You know that film you made about bicycles? Why not submit it to The Bicycle Film Festival!

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