>Saturday showtime

>Saturday morning: I polished up the rough first draft of the radio play. P will read it today (Sunday) and report back on mystifying bits, typos and sections of complete and utter b*ll*x later. We will fall out, but only temporarily. I already know of a couple of major changes that are needed, so I hope to launch (ha ha ha!) into a second draft ASAP.

Saturday afternoon: a visit from friend and playwright Deborah Catesby. Great to see her and catch up on news from Up North. She was off to see the new Nicholas Wright play, which I should also catch (the Birmingham play is set in a news programme).

Saturday evening: up West with P to see a preview of John Gabriel Borkman at The Donmar. I don’t do reviews, but we enjoyed it very much. There are some telling resonances with contemporary themes. There are some nice lighter moments as well – Foldal’s definition of friendship for one. Ibsen’s adapter David Eldridge writes about engaging with Ibsen in his blog here.