>Excursion to Shacklewell

>On Sunday we headed to Shacklewell and The Arcola Theatre for The Miniaturists‘ latest show (our first) curated by Stephen Sharkey (who has links to the Guardian blog’s discussion on short plays on his blog). It was a cracking evening out after a harum scarum journey, mostly spent looking for re-routed busses. There were five very different short plays. I liked the range of approaches – a real theatrical refuelling stop (?). The next show is in March and we’ll be there (if the bus runs).

We watched Abril Despedaçado (Behind The Sun) the other night on BBC4 – it’s a Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) film. The cinematography is incredible and the story is very tight. It’s set in Brazil concerns a blood feud, the sugar cane harvest, a travelling circus and a mermaid. Worth a look.

2 thoughts on “>Excursion to Shacklewell

  1. >blimey Lance – sorry we didn’t meet – should’ve given you my number – thanks for trekking over – hope you liked it – catch you next time if not before – S

  2. >Thanks, S. It was only when we got there that it struck me that I had no way of working out who you were! Good show – Congrats to all involved.

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