>Sculpting in smoke

>Brian Eno speaks about how most art was an ephemeral experience before the advent of recording technologies on Radio 4’s Front Row on Friday 26th January (listen again available for a bit). Sometimes, when I’m writing a script, it feels like chipping away at concrete. I have to remind myself that the script is not the artefact – the theatre will happen and disappear and that the script will be a poor substitute (if I’m doing it right).

I’m reading Alek Sierz’s book on Martin Crimp. It’s full of interesting insights. Things that struck home – Crimp talks about not writing:

Writing is bound up with your identity so it’s not so much that you can’t write that is frustrating, but it is the sense of disappearing when you can’t write that’s frustrating. It’s like being absent …

Which rang a few bells. There is a description of Liz in No One Sees The Video which chimed as well.

Liz is a woman who has countercultural values and finds that they crumble under pressure because they don’t have any intellectual underpinning.

Crimp, of course, keeps writing and has all of the required pins in place.

Ben Yeoh has an excellent quote from David Edgar (pins in place).