>A day lost… We had the builders in today to take down a lean-to and shore up the back wall. They were as cool as you like, but I’d decided the back of the house was going to fall down. It didn’t (hasn’t yet).

What did happen was lots of noise and a storm of brick dust as they cut through walls. The dust is still settling now, hours later and after a couple of laps with the Dyson and a damp cloth. I’ve got terracotta snot for goodness sake.

Today was meant to be switchover day – put the radio play to one side for a while and concentrate on starting the first full draft of the Birmingham play. It didn’t happen. Could you write in a collapsing house? Maybe I’ll format the document and write a few lines just to put down a marker.

I did, however, mark student work. And a plumber (the mole man) came round and gave us a quote for replacing the supply pipe. So perhaps a day not totally lost.

Tomorrow is the mortar-drying day (i.e. no builders), so I’ll either watch that or write a play.