>Enter SL

>Lyn Gardner has another interesting piece in The Guardian Arts Blog today. She gives a qualified welcome to what she identifies as an emerging trend for comics to be cast in straight roles. Her qualification is that the final judgment must be made on acting ability rather than box office (i.e. Kevin Spacey rather than Madonna). I do think she’s right that the best of them (Lee Evans, Eddie Izzard) bring new perspectives to existing roles.

I wonder where the next batch of new energy to shake up the theatre will come from? Do I see the stars of ‘lifestyle’ TV appearing over the horizon? I must admit that I’m looking forward to Alan Titchmarsh‘s King Lear at The Barbican, but I’m less convinced by the prospect of Jamie Oliver as Titus Andronicus at The Globe (although the pie should be good). How would you cast Davina McCall? (“Into the outer darkness” is not an allowable answer.)

Turning over for the great Green Wing, we caught the last two minutes of Celebrity Big Brother last night – Leo Sayer talking to a wall and a bare arse (he wasn’t talking to a bare arse, it was another shot). Personally I hope that CBB is not catching – I can’t afford the time for another obsession. David Eldridge mounts a defence of the programme here.

The ECG and blood tests came back normal, so it looks like it is an inflamed hypochondrium. Head still muzzy and guts still gnnffty though.

Plumber due tonight…