>A Hypochondriac

>My hypochondria has flared up again. I’ve got a radio play to write and a new router (power tool rather than networking device) to play with, and all I can do is feel a bit off. I went to the doctors here for the first time and they were very good (ECG, blood tests – the works).

We were in the rapidly metamorphosing Speke for New Year – two glasses of sherry and Nick Knowles on the telly shouting at fireworks. It was nice to be with P for once though (first time in 3 years). Perhaps the sherry was off! We saw K (step-daughter) and her partner in Chester while we were up North, which was great. P spoke to her son J in China on Christmas Day via Skype videophone. I used Skype to speak to my Sister in New Zealand as well – top product.

We drove back South on New Year’s Day and found that the new shed hadn’t blown away, which made all my gale-based panicking look a bit foolish.

A plumber is supposed to be coming tonight to quote for work. I hope Hell doesn’t freeze over. UPDATE: He postponed – another warm night in The Pit of Acheron.

PS – Playwright, inspirational teacher and good friend Deborah Catesby has a new Web site under development.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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