>Christmas list

>A lot of people have been posting seasonal lists on their blogs. Ever the derivative writer, I thought that I would do the same.

Over the last few desperate deadline-approaching days I have been collecting my top ten tips for beating the writer’s block. However, on reflection: a) who am I to offer advice? and b) they can mostly be paraphrased as “keep poking the piece of dead meat with a stick until it gets up and dances round the room whistling a tune from a popular musical”. Only one scrawled note offers any real insight…

“Uncork the n/w / but in Andes”

Sound advice, I think you will agree. I have no idea what it means, but it has become my guiding principle.

The literalist v metaphysical playwright debate is hotting up (it started at Encore) with Paul Miller promising to join in soon. Perhaps there should be a big set-to at a suitable venue. The literalists will obviously use fists, sticks and stones, but what will the metaphysicalists arm themselves with?

Deadline day. I’m still not finished. Arghhhh!… Stay calm… uncork the…

4 thoughts on “>Christmas list

  1. >At the suitable venue, will you be so good as to ose your shed-erection skills and put up a fence? I’ll be needing one to sit on.

  2. >Absolutely. Though I should point out that the said skills will mean the fence will be delivered late and be liable to collapse if looked at a bit funny.

  3. >…it might get a bit crowded on this fence. I can’t think of any playwrights who would place themselves definitively on on side or the other. And I know nearly seven playwrights.

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