>Deadline 1

>I love deadlines. I mean, I hate deadlines. No, I love…

Deadlines are a pain, but they’re better than having no focus I suppose. Three days to go (one will be mostly taken up with teaching) and I’m struggling. I don’t normally work like this [working out a complex structure ahead of time] but, then again, I’m always trying to move on the way that I do work (I have a love of routine that needs to be shaken up). Whichever way I work I need to build up an intensity – a passion (?) – that will drive me forward.

And yet this ‘passion’ is easily undermined. Confidence is elusive. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the point of all this when the stories from the outside world are so horrific. When all the displacement activities (excluding blogging) have been eliminated, you have to face up to why you do what you do. And today I can’t remember why.

The meal went well.

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