>A big day

>A big day for us today. P’s brother and his wife are coming to the house for a meal. They’re only the second guests we’ve had since we moved in in July. Friends and family from Up North seem to dislike the idea of travelling to London. One of our previous visitors felt bound to forcibly make the point that he always takes the latest possible train and leaves on the first one out of town when being made to visit London.

Anyway – London-based J and A are here in about three hours and the house is sparkling… Well, it’s clean. We’re even more aware of the doors off their hinges, the bare floorboards and the torn lino. I’ve just been to Sainsburies to buy some Bombay Mix and vegetable crisps. Pure class.

The Birmingham play deadline is next Monday. They want to see the structure as a series of bullet points. I looked out some notes and found that I’ve already done a lot of the work many months ago. I don’t usually return to notes, but this play is taking so long to write that I need to refresh my memory. It’s really strange to come across documents that seem to be written by someone else (even a proper writer). Simon Gray writes about his unexpectedly long term Dickens project(s) in The Guardian today.