>One last heave

>One more week of teaching and then I’m done until the end of January. Teaching is the best part of the job (at the Uni), but it is a consuming activity and it’s taken a toll this semester. I am always a nervous lecturer, but the commuting has added another level of fatigue to the process.

Yesterday was cold and fine so we got started with the outdoor work on the shed. It took all day to get the base right and cut the floor. We now have about 1.5 inches of height with 6 feet to go. Today was supposed to be wet and windy, but looking out the office window it’s a beautiful day. Unfortunately, with the short day, it’s already too late to start work (the superstructure has to be erected in one go or it will blow away apparently).

Today – preparation for tomorrow’s sessions, marking student work, radio play and structure of Birmingham play (some breakthroughs with this, but they need to be tested).