>On me holidays

>Not really. Friday is a teaching day and I have my final mentoring session with the postSCRIPT performance writers’ group on Saturday, so I’m driving up and staying over in Brum at a hotel on the Hagley Road. At least I won’t be anywhere near an Internet connection for a day, so I might get some concentrated writing done (I love going away to write – preferably to somewhere with poor communications).

I’ve haven’t driven any distance for ages. This month was the first time ever that we had no diesel to pay for on the credit card bill. This is partly due to the excellent public transport round here, but also to the fact that I’m not getting out much (note to self: get out more).

Ben Ellis has a link on his blog to a theatreVOICE debate about new writing development. Lyn Gardner and others take her recent article as a starting point. It’s worth a listen if you haven’t got a deadline looming (and of course it’s irresistible if you have). I have a faith in playwriting education that Gardner and others don’t share. I’ve learnt (slowly) and I’ve watched others find their art through learning their craft (even if they reject the teaching).