>Marking time

>Today I have been marking student drama presentations. These are English students taking drama modules – so not specialists by any means. I can’t say too much, but I’m impressed by their commitment and joy in creating the work and showing it. It’s a pity that so many of them never want to go to the theatre. Why don’t they make the link? Their big arguments are time and money. Time because assignments and socialising are important (fair enough) and theatre doesn’t fit into either (hmm). Money because ‘theatre is expensive’ – this despite Birmingham Rep’s excellent offers for students – Their Mad To Miss scheme (for 16-26 year olds) is £3.99 for some shows.

I haven’t been to the theatre for a couple of weeks. I’m getting snowed under, but I must make the effort. It’s a problem not being here on Mondays when so much happens at Hampstead (Start Nights) and with Paines Plough’s Later thingy.

David Eldridge is on good form. Check out his description of dancing to Ravel’s Bolero dressed as a half-naked vicar. It cheered me up.