>The elephant in the blog

>I realise that I don’t say much about playwriting in this playwright’s blog. I don’t think I will either (beyond saying ‘good day’ or ‘bad day’, and even then I’ll probably be lying). The other writers in the ‘sphere seem to be the same. And it’s understandable – who wants to talk about the work so close to its creation. Instead we talk about our pets, holidays, evenings out, books we’ve read (see ‘pets’), teaching, shed building – anything but the matter in hand.

When I read other writers’ blog, however, I imagine that I detect the writing process, never mind how removed from the subject they might seem. I see obsessions developing and being worked through, sense influences being assimilated, and watch research being transformed into something more personal.

I’m fascinated by this tangential view of others at work. I suppose that this is what makes writers’ notebooks and diaries potentially insteresting. The difference being that the interWeb gives you the chance to see the process as it happens (or not – ‘bad day’ today).