>Train of (no) thought

>I’ve been commuting back to Birmingham twice a week(ish) since July. I don’t like it. It’s 3.5 hours door to door both ways (with changes, walks to and from stations etc.). The sooner I find more work down here, the better. I’m committed to at least one more semester, seduced by teaching Writing for Performance again – my favourite module.

The journey should be, in theory, a chance to work. I’ve been through phases of preparing lectures, reading books that are good for me, doing The Guardian‘s crossword and even playwriting. But now I tend to just sit with my eyes closed or, if I’m feeling adventurous, sit with my eyes open. Now it’s dark, the train feels like the dead zone. Tiredness, overcrowding and other people’s mobile phone conversations suck the life out of you.

P was ill in the night and we’re off to the doctors in a minute. There seems to be a lot of sickness around the blogosphere at the moment. Can you catch a cold from reading a blog?