>Strange goings on…


P was working late last night. After work, as she parked, she noticed there was a car outside the house with two guys in it. When she got out of her car the shaven-headed guy in the passenger seat of this car opened his door and looked at her. Then he closed the door again. She was creeped (?).

She came in and told this story and, being the brave, reckless kind of guy that I am, I crept upstairs and checked out the car through a crack in the curtains. It was still there. They were still inside. What was going on?

This is where the country mouse side of my character comes into play. I love being so close to London, but I am prey to all sorts of paranoias about urban living. I decided – wrong word – intuited – that these guys were heavies sent by a loan shark to rough-up a guy who lived here before us. Surveillance with menace. They were waiting with baseball bats and, if I went out, they would lay into me thinking I was this fictitious character. I outlined the scenario to P. It cheered her up (‘it’ being my stupidity rather than any imminent threat).

After about twenty minutes they drove off with much revving of their engine. I needed to get things in perspective, so we relaxed by watching The Sopranos. It started with a severed head being dumped in a culvert. I didn’t sleep much last night.

It’s raining. Not good shed erecting weather if you ask me.

5 thoughts on “>Strange goings on…

  1. >Overdosing on Sopranos is not good foe a sound night of sleep. Especially after feeling paranoid.Not feeling particularly paranoid and watching 4 epsiodes back to back messes up my sleep. I ended up dreaming of guns and meanacing scary people, fancy that.

  2. >A evening of Sopranos will do that to you. I try not to now, until the next season that is, roll on Easter. Try go kart racing for only 10 mins and then trying to drive home. Much determination needed to not drive likie a raving lunatic. Never again.

  3. >Definitely not shed building weather, I got soaked earlier.Still, could’ve been worse, I could’ve had my head chopped off and thrown in a culvert.Welcome to London.

  4. >Sopranos – fantastic.Re: driving after karting … I’m keen on computer racing sims (e.g. Race Driver 2) and have the same problem. Problem is, my road car is a WRX so I could really get in trouble.And re: the loan shark thing, I’ve been in my current house over nine years and I STILL wonder if one day a pair of heavies might come looking for the previous owner.Now, the previous owner was a frail 75-year-old widow, but she DID have a son, and they might be after him. You just never know.

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