>An early morning shed

>I arrived home last night to a telephone message saying that the shed would be here at 7am. So much for a lie-in. It is here and it is heavy. I’ve never had the shed fetish that some blokes have, but I’ll be glad to get the bikes out of the house.

I didn’t write at all yesterday. Work was a full day’s teaching and the train journeys were a washout (I was washed out).

It’s a slow start today as well. I’m trying to write character biographies – not something I’d normally do, but these aren’t all characters from my world. What is fascinating is that the least developed character in the play turns out to be the most autobiographical – a point I’d missed before this exercise. I’ve written plays where the protagonist has some autobiographical origins, but this is the first time a marginal character has turned up with these traits. I wonder if part of the problem is my trepidation about putting these ‘other’ characters at the centre of the play (“who am I to speak about these people?”). The passive onlooker might be symptomatic of this. Not that amateur cod-psychoanalysis helps with deadlines.

Do cod receive psychoanalysis? How does it work? Do you need to catch them Jung? Click here for psychoanalysis of Bagpuss.

I was browsing yesterday when I came across a screenwriting wiki site. Unfortunately I’ve lost the URL, but it did contain a link to raising a baby squirrel which for some reason did stick. It’s very insistent that “This is very important . . . Never feed a cold squirrel!”, which I think is sound advice.