>A day out

>Yesterday (Saturday) was always planned to be a day out. Students from Brum were going to see The Alchemist matinee at The National Theatre and I had tickets. Saturday morning came and I rang on the off chance that we might get into Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? at The Court – and we did. Hurrah! And Writers’ Guild discount as well as it’s a preview.

I’m going to try and resist the temptation of offering my own reviews of shows – there are plenty of opinions out there for people to compare (and neither show needs defending). They are both, however, “go see it” shows.

Two plays and two snack meals out in a day made it expensive by our standards, but it’s great to see how cheap a large proportion of the ticket prices are at both theatres. The programme / playtexts at The Court are also excellent value.

A great day out, then, apart from coming out of The National to be confronted with the firework display marking the end of The Lord Mayor’s show. It was a hell of a spectacle and thousands were lining the Thames to watch and enjoy it. But I felt resentful that all this money was going up in smoke while I’m a director of a company struggling to fund a year-long arts project back in The Midlands. Maybe I just like getting angry at the money.

Today I must write.